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  1. Alan Finch
    June 11, 2021 @ 9:54 pm

    My name is Alan Finch. In April of 1976, I submitted myself to the Lordship of JESUS CHRIST.

    God’s main mission for the “Two Witnesses” will be that of Preparing the “Bride of Christ” which is made up Believers in Christ (the true Church) for the return of the “Bridegroom,” JESUS CHRIST. This is why that there is no “Pre-Tribulation Rapture.”

    I have put together 3 documents that clearly expounds upon these 2 individuals. “The Two-End Time Witnesses”, “The Two Lampstands & The Two Olive Trees”, “The Message of the Two End-Time Witnesses.”

    These documents are too lengthy to post in the comment section. If anyone is interested in reading these 3 documents, email me at: (candy33alan@aol.com), and I will be more than happy to email you the 3 copies.


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